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Day 46 – Let’s Help All People Who Suffer From Hurricane Sandy

Day 46 – Let’s Help All People Who Suffer From Hurricane Sandy

No doubt, hurricane Sandy is devastating for a lot of people, animals and plants in affected areas. It has flooded many streets, killed people and animals and destroyed nature and property. The force of nature is something we cannot fight, but only run from and be prepared.

As the storm was approaching New York and the East Coast, news articles and videos were starting to boom. There was suddenly an explosion of information about this storm, accompanied by many pictures and video’s. I didn’t even knew it had already hit Haiti until an article mentioned it. Few stories covered how more than 50 people in Haiti died already because of the storm, and it’s devastating affects on their lives.

Officials raised the storm-related death toll across the Caribbean to 65, with 51 of those coming in Haiti, which was pelted by three days of constant rains that ended only on Friday. As the rains stopped and rivers began to recede, authorities were getting a fuller idea of how much damage Sandy brought on Haiti. Bridges collapsed. Banana crops were ruined. Homes were underwater. Officials said the death toll might still rise. “This is a disaster of major proportions,” Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe told The Associated Press, adding with a touch of hyperbole, “The whole south is under water. (HuffPo

The damage to the life-sustaining crops for an already starving population is something very very serious. So why hasn’t this been covered as much? My friend Anna Brix Thomson mentioned that this is probably because Haiti is poor and has been struck by such catastrophes before. Hence, news is about impulsing fear and excitement, not actually about sharing what is happening in the world. Because if it was, they would report more global issues, how they are created, how we could solve them etc… Even some people who usually do not post much about the happenings in this world, start posting pictures and news articles on Facebook about Hurricane Sandy.

For sure this storm is bad, but so is starvation of millions on a daily basis, something man made that actually does not have to occur. So is for example abusing animals to eat foie gras, so is sweatshop work that has people wanting to commit suicide … I can give many examples. But it is not as exciting as this storm. It is like oil spills happening every day in Nigeria, yet no one knows about it, but everyone knew about the gulf of Mexico oil spill by BP. As the article states: “it is no longer news”. It is only, as long as it is exciting.

And that is quite disturbing.

Help us reach out to the world, help us create a necessary change for the better of all mankind (including animals and our environment). Http://


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself only to care when an event in this world is covered heavily by the media – where I will post about it and write about it, and care about it more than I do about the every day continuous suffering within this world. Where millions of people and animals live in situations of suffering and abuse, often totally preventable, if we would change our economic system.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think that I am to small to change anything, and that I can’t change the economic system because I am just one person – within this I do not realize that I in fact am part of the groups “humans” who accept this system the way it is and who without this, the system would not even exist. So I am in fact contributing each day to this system, I am one of the many parts which makes it able to function the way it does. So if all parts, or at leas a majority, would activly stand for a change, then we could actually create a change. Starting with ourselves and realizing my own responsibility.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to care less about poor people who suffer from natural disasters, than when richer or middle class people suffer from it. Not realizing that I have become blind and deaf for the struggling because it makes me feel better about my own life, because it feels better to ignore it, because it feels better to think it can’t be another way, because I am controlled by the media, because I am programmed to think they are less important. Even when I say that I find them equally as important, my actions and my intrests show me  in fact that this is not true. Because if I would truly care as much, I would live my life in order to stop this world system that creates abuse over and over again, and I would care as much from people suffering in another part of the world, than about suffering of those in my neighborhood. And I would not let my feelings decide who to care about, but I decide as myself that all beings are equal in worth.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to seperate myself from other beings, and in that way not realizing that in their place I would want to be helped and cared about. If I was a sweatshop worker, starving, abused… I would not want the world to turn its back on me or to stigmatize me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself a media that ignores people suffering from hurricane sandy in hait, yet spamming messages and videos in large amounts when it is about New York.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself a system where the poor and struggling are ignored and stereotyped, not helped, and often even further exploited

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Day 1 – The beginning of the Journey to Life

Day 1 – The beginning of the Journey to Life

I am a girl, a female, a human being, living on planet earth. For a great part of my mid teenage years I had felt depressed about this world and the way I was. I saw my own superficialness, my self-pity and my acceptance of this world of abuse which I did not take responsibility for because I saw myself as unable to. Until an afternoon in 2007 … the day that stopped my depressions once and for all, and gave me the tools to support myself, and create a world best for all starting with myself.  I found the Desteni website, which spoke about “self forgiveness” and “self honesty”, things I have never heard about previously. What was important for me, was to write, and discover my own patterns, fears, the way I was programmed and the behavior that is in fact not best for all. To be self honest, and LIVE the correction. Because without living it, it is useless to me.

So in the beginning I sometimes wrote self forgiveness because I felt I had to, like an obligation. But that of course never worked. It is not a magic spell, it are statements you have to use to assist yourself, to make things clear, to lay out patterns, see them and release them (a.k.a. forgive them). Because forgiveness means you are not holding on to them, and giving yourself a chance, another chance to let them go and decide for yourself who you are and will be. Because as long as we blindly follow the things that sprout up within us, based on thoughts, feelings and emotions depending on our cultur, our upbringing etc… we are not directing ourselves, and are able to be directed. You may say: big deal! But yes, it is a big deal. Just look at the outflows of this within our world. Jealousy within a household may not seem like that much of a big deal, but it is, on a larger scale it can create wars. Because people within a household are not different than politicians or leaders. They are people, who work together (or fight and manipulate together) to create a certain outcome they wish to achieve.  And then we have a choice: doing what is best for all, or doing what is only best for a minority. There lies the problems we face each day, living in and supporting a system which main goal is profit, for a minority, at the cost of the majority.

So to change this all, I realized that I would have to stand as a change myself. I do not like preaching about things that I don’t live, because it feels and is fake. Therefore, I wanted to stop within me, what I did not want to see outside of me. How can I expect another to change, if I cannot even change myself? And I have proven that I can, and so did many others.

What I have always done, is look at things for myself, as well as considering the things I have no clue about. Because on the Desteni website are also material about more “spiritual” subjects for example. I see if there is info that I can use, see for myself, apply… and if it is only a story, I stay “neutral” to it, without believing or disbelieving it. Because people often go into reaction towards the things strange or alien to them, which inhibits us from progressing in many cases. It doesn’t mean accepting everything you hear from a source you trust, and it doesn’t mean disbelieving everything from a source you don’t trust. It means to establish your own common sense, and not judge everything based on very limited understanding.

So within this blog I will lay out the many patterns I face in my everyday life, but also the many patterns existing within this world. Writing out the pattern and the corrective application, the forgiveness for all beings to realize they can forgive themselves and direct themselves toward a better world for themselves and all – no matter if you are a murderer, a pedophile, a racist, a loner, a drug addict etc… Everything part of our world, requires direction. It is time to stop stigmatizing each other, and find out the true cause of all these problems, together with the way of stopping them.

The journey starts today… and I welcome you to follow it.

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