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Day 43 – ‘You have to be happy to be beautiful’ Part 1

Day 43 – ‘You have to be happy to be beautiful’ Part 1

Quoted from wealthy A-list actress and model Julia Roberts. she’s appeared in more than 40 movies, is reported to have earned up to $20 million for some of them. She is also the face (and part creator) of a new perfume called La vie est Belle (Lancôme) and many people consider her to be a pretty woman. And for that, she has her happy spirit to thank, she claims. Her  own happy state of mind is one of her beauty tips.

‘I think optimism and having a sense of humour definitely help, but happiness is something you cultivate. Once you find it, that’s the key to looking beautiful. That, Lancôme eye cream and kissing!’

Ofcourse she had to name a product with it as well. The cash gotta come from somewhere right? So by that note, it means that people struggling in this world, will have a hard time being beautiful. I think it is the least thing on their mind anyway. If you can barely make enough money to feed your children, your not gonna worry about being the hottest girl in town. Because the truth in this world is grim, and that is: that only the rich and elite thus can achieve this kind of “happy beauty”. Because money buys you happiness. Without enough money, you have no food, no home, no clean water, no nice toilet, no proper clothing etc… Still think you can be happy starving, cold and/or sick? Then I challenge you to challenge your illusion and live like that for let’s say… a month or so. Or maybe just a week or couple of days will be enough. My point is that we should make sure that all the worlds people have the opportunity to live a good life, where they can be happy and have their basic needs met and have the ability to expand on their interests. I mean forget the whole happy beauty thing, why would we want to live worrying about being beautiful all the time? It is pretty vain and empty, and will sooner or later have you crying over your older self.

In the gardens of the Rothschilds’ Villa Ephrussi, we’re led down a path with the sea sparkling on one side and serried ranks of irises (the scent’s prominent note) on the other. From a pergola hangs a huge crystal chandelier that delivers great drops of the new perfume. So similar is the scene to a Julia Roberts romcom that should Rupert Everett pop out from behind the topiary it would come as no surprise. As it is, polite party protocol is immediately abandoned as 300 guests get their wrists into the path of the descending fragrance globules.

Sounds great, but isn’t considering the context. That an elite can have such luxurious shows and parties, and that a majority suffers ,struggles to survives and even starves to death at times, is insanity. It is a deliberate created polarity within our economic system, that is as I said: deliberately created. We can spend thousands or more on luxury items, on our appearance, on our own ego… but when we are faced with the true reality of our economic system, we start to make all kinds of excuses. “it’s just the way it is and always will be” “I am to small to do anything about it” “just enjoy your life, its to short anyway” “it’s their own fault” “it’s not our problem” …. As if our economy is disconnected from the world economy and thus other (struggling) parties. It is not. And it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. On the one side we have people designing more and more stuff for those who already have a lot, and on the other side we have those struggling to survive, who are actually forgotten. Ofcourse they give to charity, but that is to feel better about their lifestyle, telling themselves that at least they are helping. It removes cognitive dissonance. But the fact is that charity is a band aid solution. Why do you think thousands of charities exist and that many problems keep rising? Because it is not really a cure! If we care about a true solution for this world, we will have to stop the CORE of the abuse. This means we will have to replace the profit driven economy, that creates so much exploitation and will never do what is good for all. It means a re-design of society towards a world that shows value to the children, that actually places the common good first instead of the individuals profit. Where all have an equal starting place, and not where one is born in starvation and another in complete luxury. It is extremely unfair today, and the only way we can fix it, is to fix it together and work on a substitute system.

La vie, currently, est belle for those who got money. But for those without, life is far from pretty.


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Day 34 – Everything is in Plan, I Accept it

Day 34 – Everything is in Plan, I Accept it

simple but radical spiritual practice is to accept whatever arises in the Now — within & without. ~E. Tolle

aiaiai, Tolle, what are you saying?! Maybe I am missing some important context here. But many people can use this quote as a way to defend their self-intrest and lack of action.

Is it spiritual to accept that abuse on Earth? The corporate bosses exploiting resources and damaging the environment and animals, boosting superficial desires in consumers? The leaders who are doing things which are not best for all? Why should we accept this creation of destruction and manipulation? Sure, accepting it will give you peace of mind. But it wont give your peace of mind if you were actually the one being abused. Tolle’s message seems to be for the elite, those who can live quite comfortably. So I thought, maybe he means: to accept it as something that is here, but not accept it as: accepting it, and allowing it to be here without adressing it. Because if we would accept it, as in: allowing it. Then we are allowing some serious destructive things. They chop the amazone because they need to go along in the capitalist system… accept it They starve because of the global economy… accept it Animals are abused on massive scale to make profit… accept it Children prostitute themselves in some countries in order to survive … accept it Crime that comes from poverty, often creates crime in the countries contributing to the poverty, which then punish the crime not realizing their part in their creation… accept it People get programmed to view each other as objects of lust, that have to fulfill a certain picture ideal… accept it Your used as a slave to the consumption machine, and even pass this on to the children… accept it

Come on…

Let’s now look at “accept whatever arises WITHIN”. We are programmed within a certain culture, people that surround us, media etc… this shapes our “inside”. Eventually this creates certain thoughts popping up in certain moments. It can be gossip, self-judgement or judgement of others, it can be sexual thoughts, or jealousy and so forth. It is not about “accepting” these thoughts. It is about realizing how they are programmed within us and re-aligning ourselves to do what is best for all and best for ourselves. Thus not blind acceptance, but self direction.

If Hitler or Bush said that quote, it would probably be a whole other story. Never just accept a quote from someone you consider to be “spiritual” or “bigger and better”. Always investigate for yourself. Be your own leader.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use excuses such as believing that everything is in “plan” and “how it is supposed to be”, in order to feel more at ease and better about myself and this world – placing my self intrest above the common good

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use excuses to keep being ignorant and inactive towards the reality we all co-create daily, and which is greatly abusive to many human beings

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to follow the words of so called “spiritual masters” blindly, without using any common sense or looking at if it is actually best for all – in this I am doing the same as any religious follower

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to justify the abuse in this world by saying that it is all how it is supposed to be

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to do unto another what I wouldnt want to be done unto myself

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to place myself above others

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to devaluate others lives according to the believes I hold

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe others suffer for a divine reason

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe others suffer for a divine reason because it makes life easier for myself, it gives me peace of mind

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to blindly follow the thoughts popping up in my mind

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to blindly follow believes

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not investigate if something is best for all or not

I commit myself to stop the bullshit excuses that the suffering and abuse is all “in a plan”. We are currently simply walking as slaves, slaves to the way we are programmed, determined by our upbringing, culture etc… Suffering in this world, as in : starvation, sweatshop labor, animal exploitation etc… is a deliberate creation of people who want to have profit, a creation of our monetary system. That is the only plan behind it, and it is not divine at all.

I commit myself to stop this system of exploitationa nd bring about a world best for all, where no deliberate abuse is created.

When and as I notice the feelings and believes come up, I stop and breath and do not allow them to control me. I do not allow myself to be a slave of my emotions or follow a thought because it gives me peace of mind.


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Day 1 – The beginning of the Journey to Life

Day 1 – The beginning of the Journey to Life

I am a girl, a female, a human being, living on planet earth. For a great part of my mid teenage years I had felt depressed about this world and the way I was. I saw my own superficialness, my self-pity and my acceptance of this world of abuse which I did not take responsibility for because I saw myself as unable to. Until an afternoon in 2007 … the day that stopped my depressions once and for all, and gave me the tools to support myself, and create a world best for all starting with myself.  I found the Desteni website, which spoke about “self forgiveness” and “self honesty”, things I have never heard about previously. What was important for me, was to write, and discover my own patterns, fears, the way I was programmed and the behavior that is in fact not best for all. To be self honest, and LIVE the correction. Because without living it, it is useless to me.

So in the beginning I sometimes wrote self forgiveness because I felt I had to, like an obligation. But that of course never worked. It is not a magic spell, it are statements you have to use to assist yourself, to make things clear, to lay out patterns, see them and release them (a.k.a. forgive them). Because forgiveness means you are not holding on to them, and giving yourself a chance, another chance to let them go and decide for yourself who you are and will be. Because as long as we blindly follow the things that sprout up within us, based on thoughts, feelings and emotions depending on our cultur, our upbringing etc… we are not directing ourselves, and are able to be directed. You may say: big deal! But yes, it is a big deal. Just look at the outflows of this within our world. Jealousy within a household may not seem like that much of a big deal, but it is, on a larger scale it can create wars. Because people within a household are not different than politicians or leaders. They are people, who work together (or fight and manipulate together) to create a certain outcome they wish to achieve.  And then we have a choice: doing what is best for all, or doing what is only best for a minority. There lies the problems we face each day, living in and supporting a system which main goal is profit, for a minority, at the cost of the majority.

So to change this all, I realized that I would have to stand as a change myself. I do not like preaching about things that I don’t live, because it feels and is fake. Therefore, I wanted to stop within me, what I did not want to see outside of me. How can I expect another to change, if I cannot even change myself? And I have proven that I can, and so did many others.

What I have always done, is look at things for myself, as well as considering the things I have no clue about. Because on the Desteni website are also material about more “spiritual” subjects for example. I see if there is info that I can use, see for myself, apply… and if it is only a story, I stay “neutral” to it, without believing or disbelieving it. Because people often go into reaction towards the things strange or alien to them, which inhibits us from progressing in many cases. It doesn’t mean accepting everything you hear from a source you trust, and it doesn’t mean disbelieving everything from a source you don’t trust. It means to establish your own common sense, and not judge everything based on very limited understanding.

So within this blog I will lay out the many patterns I face in my everyday life, but also the many patterns existing within this world. Writing out the pattern and the corrective application, the forgiveness for all beings to realize they can forgive themselves and direct themselves toward a better world for themselves and all – no matter if you are a murderer, a pedophile, a racist, a loner, a drug addict etc… Everything part of our world, requires direction. It is time to stop stigmatizing each other, and find out the true cause of all these problems, together with the way of stopping them.

The journey starts today… and I welcome you to follow it.

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