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Day 47 – Being an Introvert

Day 47 – Being an Introvert

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So currently I am planning to make a video called something like “Introverts vs Extraverts”. And I was reading up on what definitions there are about introverted and extraverted people, and found out that the introverted description suits me quite well.

I like to be on my own most of the time, I get tired from conversations/social gatherings , and after such an event I need time on my own to “recover”. Also this sums up pretty well what I experience as well:


Although it’s not all that black and white. You are not either introvert or extravert. You can be a mix of both. I can talk easily with people, or talk to someone I don’t know or say things about myself. And the reason why I like the internet is because you can type things whenever you want and there is no obligation to say something or respond immediatly. When someone comes over for example, there is this sort of obligation to stay with them and talk to them. Thats what I realized, that I often like it more when people come over for someone else (like my brother) so that I am not obliged to stay with them and talk all the time, than if they come specifically for me.
But in the past I did have some good friends and I had 1 best friend for years whome I often visited every single week, and it didnt feel like an obligation. But often times I feel like I have to push myself to do things, especially social things. So each time it feels like an obligation I have to do.

The most important thing for myself is to be more at ease within myself. And thus also be comfortable around others. Because so far there are only a select few people that I totally feel comfortable around, and one of them is my mom. And often I think: thats all I need. I dont need tons of friends and experiences. A stable environment is what I want. Since I also get tired so easily.

And this is something I have been working on, to breath, let negative thoughts go or expectations. And it has gone a lot better.
But still, my preferences remain. And I have to make sure that they don’t determin my life or the direction I want to take. Because sometimes that will require socializing. And the key is then to breath through it and deal with what comes up in those moments.

If anyone has any further input I would appreciate it!



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