Share and Like or Die – Day 49

Share and Like or Die – Day 49

The other day I came across someone sharing this particular post on facebook:

boy-beaten-by-stepfather14-Year-Old Shot 6 Times by Stepfather:



This is actually a hoax, but some people believed it was true and started sharing it.
Although their intend is good, I suggest to really read something and think about the implications for a while.

If this was actually true, then I would be very very concerned. Not only because of what happened, but also because of those “facebook companies”. Because apparantly they can donate 45 cent when you give enough shares and/or likes, but if you don’t then what? They stop giving a fuck? Suddenly they can’t donate 45 bloody cents anymore? About anyone can pay 45 cent, and certainly a company can.
So this was disturbing to me. To put terms on something so serious and basically say: “only when you share this enough, we will give a fuck about this little boys life, otherwise he can die”.

Thank goodness it is a hoax!

But please, always think before blindly accepting something. If a company would do such a thing, it has to be brought to light and not just accepted and shared.


More on the hoax:

Image stolen from Czech newspaper

As to the image above purporting to show the alleged victim of parental violence, it appears to have been stolen from a May 19, 2010 article in the Czech tabloid newspaper Bleskdescribing a criminal attack on a 13-year-old boy by multiple assailants in Teplice, Czech Republic.


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What Do You Think About Fat Shaming? Day 48

What Do You Think About Fat Shaming? Day 48

For those who don’t know what ‘fat shaming’ is:

Explanation 1

A bullying tactic, singling out, or making fun of a fat person, under the guise of helping them realise they need to lose 50 pounds pronto or they’re going to become ill, die prematurely, or be a major burden on the health system, when in actual fact it’s an individual’s bias against people they consider to be unattractive in their immediate social or professional circle.
1.You’re a plus size female out dancing at a club with friends. You notice a small group of guys at the bar staring at you and laughing. Eventually one of them comes over and starts trying to dance behind you, rubbing against your ass, while his friends laugh uncontrollably. When you turn around and tell him to piss off, he laughs in your face and says, “Nah, girl, I’d totally fuck you if I thought I could find your pussy in all that blubber!”
2. You’re a fat person using the elliptical trainer at the gym. A man walks by and gives you an encouraging pat on the shoulder. “GOOD FOR YOU!” he says loudly, a little patronizingly. He has pointed out that seeing people who look like you exercising in public is a strange and unfamiliar occurrance, an idea rooted in the assumption that fat people are uniformly lazy and unhealthy, and you, as an exception, therefore deserve to be recognized and lauded. You feel singled out, othered, and very uncomfortable.
3. A fat guy in a cafeteria is loading his plate with vegetables. The chef gives him a smile, makes a fat shaming comment, “I spose all that green stuff means room for more pudding eh?” as he sniggers expecting him to enjoy the joke that is essentially on him.
The fat guy finishes his meal and goes to leave the cafeteria. Just then a work colleague passes and grabs his male breast. “Caw get a load of these moobs! You lactatin’ or what son?” jests the work colleague with a gaggle of sycophant friends with a collective IQ of 81.
Explanation 2

A term made by obese people to avoid the responsibility to actually take proper care of their body and instead victimize themself by pretending they’re discriminated like an ethnic group. When confronted with someone like that they will ignore all the facts about obesity being unhealthy and pretend it’s some sort of evil socially constructed conspiracy by teh patriarchy

Peter: “You’ve started gaining weight at a worrying level, maybe we could exercise together and take up a sport since you’re always at home”Bianca: “omg stop disciminating me you’re just fat shaming, all my fat is genetics and exercising is just a social construct made by our sexist society, i’m not being brainwashed into ur shauvinistic world”*Bianca then proceeds to eat burgers and refuses to better herself*

So as you can see, both of these comments have a different undertone to them, although they can both be considered funny. The first one comes more from the perspective of an overweight person, where fat shaming is seen as a crime against the persons well being. The second explanation is someone who would call out overweight folks for their obesity, and the implications it can have on their health.
Both of them can be right and both of them can be wrong.
First of all, we humans have different shapes and sizes. Someone who is thinner is not necessarily more healthy than someone who is heavier. However, their comes a point when you are too thin or too heavy to be healthy.
originalObesity can cause serious health complaints. As your body mass index rises, so does your risk for coronary heat disease.  It can lead to high blood pressure, stroke, cancers, type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, metabolic syndrome, sleep apnea, obesity hypoventilation syndrome, gallstones, reproductive problems etc… All of these things have a great impact on the person’s and his/her families well being, as well as on the health care system. But, it depends on how big a person is, and someone health status can easily be assessed by a professional.
Because some have taken this way too far, where even normal sized girls are considered to be “fat” or “plus size”, when they can in fact be perfectly healthy with their weight.

Look at the picture on the right for example. What do you think about this girl? Does she look like an overweight or plus size person? She looks pretty normal to me, yet she is a plus size model. Plus size has to be distinguised from obese, since the two are clearly not the same!
The standards being placed on the human body are sometimes insane. Mango has a new plus size line and it starts with the medium size, means if you aren’t stick thin you are a plus size now. and if plus size means obese then obesity starts now with a few pounds more.
So what is the reaction to all this? Obese Barbie. That’s right. It can be considered as a direct consequence of this weight battle.
Obese Barbie is clearly not just a plus size, she is obese with a double chin.

Obesity is not just linked to bad health for fun, it is something that is a proven fact.


Is this allright? Some people have given this doll massive amounts of “likes”, yet what she is supporting is not something that is actually good for the common good. Neither is anorexia Barbie who is unrealistically thin. So if they have anorexic barbie, why not obese barbie? They could have simply created normal Barbie, but dolls often have a tendency of being unrealistic. So within that we can see the responsibility of the parents, the media, family and educational system to teach children to be self-honest towards themselves, and to deal with the images being thrown at them. To become stable human beings not influenced by for example the media to look a certain way, and to not base their well being on the way they look. But that doesn’t make much profit does it? I don’t know, maybe it will!  But currently money is being made from insecurity, and that is something that has to be turned around.
Promoting anorexia is unhealthy, and so is promoting obesity. Obesity is a clear problem, A quarter of adults in England are classed as obese, and a further 41 per cent of men and 33 per cent of women are overweight. Britain is in the middle of an obesity crisis. And so are many other countries. Having supermarkets and streets stashed with junkfood isn’t the smartest option either if you want a healthy population without  thousands of temptations around them. Humans crave sugar and fat, and are often tempted when it is around them. We have a global responsibility within this, for what we allow our society to be and create.

Earlier this month I was taken aback by the women’s minister Jo Swinson saying she wanted to ban the words ‘muffin top’, ‘thunder thighs’ or ‘cankles’She wants to eradicate so-called ‘fat talk’ by banning the teasing terms women can use against each other, and themselves.

But banning is not the answer. Apart from being wildly impractical – kids will only come up with a new range of terms for fat talking – it doesn’t get to the heart of the problem. Talking and educating, harder though that might be, does.

Fill kids with self esteem and inner confidence to know who they are and to accept that. Don’t fill their bedrooms with fat toys in the hope that message will come through. We’ve got to talk to our kids, rather than ignore the issue.


Fat shaming in itself, is also NEVER acceptable. To degrade a human being, call them names etc… tells more about who you allow yourself to be, than about the other person. It is never acceptable to do such things to another human being, no matter their size. You still have the responsibility towards yourself, and which person you allow yourself to be.  You also do not know what someone is going through, what happened in their life, what their inner struggle may be.


manda Sidwell Smith spent years of her life being insulted about her weight. The words were so harsh and so consistent that she internalized them and felt “less than human.” The pain was so great that she decided to change her body through cosmetic surgery, which created a domino effect with disastrous results.


Instead of shaming and name calling, we should empower and support each other to do what is best for ourselves and the common good, together with taking responsibility for the system we allow to exist around us.

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Day 47 – Being an Introvert

Day 47 – Being an Introvert

Im numbering these blogs in order, but in the meanwhile have done many others that I didnt number at

So currently I am planning to make a video called something like “Introverts vs Extraverts”. And I was reading up on what definitions there are about introverted and extraverted people, and found out that the introverted description suits me quite well.

I like to be on my own most of the time, I get tired from conversations/social gatherings , and after such an event I need time on my own to “recover”. Also this sums up pretty well what I experience as well:


Although it’s not all that black and white. You are not either introvert or extravert. You can be a mix of both. I can talk easily with people, or talk to someone I don’t know or say things about myself. And the reason why I like the internet is because you can type things whenever you want and there is no obligation to say something or respond immediatly. When someone comes over for example, there is this sort of obligation to stay with them and talk to them. Thats what I realized, that I often like it more when people come over for someone else (like my brother) so that I am not obliged to stay with them and talk all the time, than if they come specifically for me.
But in the past I did have some good friends and I had 1 best friend for years whome I often visited every single week, and it didnt feel like an obligation. But often times I feel like I have to push myself to do things, especially social things. So each time it feels like an obligation I have to do.

The most important thing for myself is to be more at ease within myself. And thus also be comfortable around others. Because so far there are only a select few people that I totally feel comfortable around, and one of them is my mom. And often I think: thats all I need. I dont need tons of friends and experiences. A stable environment is what I want. Since I also get tired so easily.

And this is something I have been working on, to breath, let negative thoughts go or expectations. And it has gone a lot better.
But still, my preferences remain. And I have to make sure that they don’t determin my life or the direction I want to take. Because sometimes that will require socializing. And the key is then to breath through it and deal with what comes up in those moments.

If anyone has any further input I would appreciate it!



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Day 46 – Let’s Help All People Who Suffer From Hurricane Sandy

Day 46 – Let’s Help All People Who Suffer From Hurricane Sandy

No doubt, hurricane Sandy is devastating for a lot of people, animals and plants in affected areas. It has flooded many streets, killed people and animals and destroyed nature and property. The force of nature is something we cannot fight, but only run from and be prepared.

As the storm was approaching New York and the East Coast, news articles and videos were starting to boom. There was suddenly an explosion of information about this storm, accompanied by many pictures and video’s. I didn’t even knew it had already hit Haiti until an article mentioned it. Few stories covered how more than 50 people in Haiti died already because of the storm, and it’s devastating affects on their lives.

Officials raised the storm-related death toll across the Caribbean to 65, with 51 of those coming in Haiti, which was pelted by three days of constant rains that ended only on Friday. As the rains stopped and rivers began to recede, authorities were getting a fuller idea of how much damage Sandy brought on Haiti. Bridges collapsed. Banana crops were ruined. Homes were underwater. Officials said the death toll might still rise. “This is a disaster of major proportions,” Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe told The Associated Press, adding with a touch of hyperbole, “The whole south is under water. (HuffPo

The damage to the life-sustaining crops for an already starving population is something very very serious. So why hasn’t this been covered as much? My friend Anna Brix Thomson mentioned that this is probably because Haiti is poor and has been struck by such catastrophes before. Hence, news is about impulsing fear and excitement, not actually about sharing what is happening in the world. Because if it was, they would report more global issues, how they are created, how we could solve them etc… Even some people who usually do not post much about the happenings in this world, start posting pictures and news articles on Facebook about Hurricane Sandy.

For sure this storm is bad, but so is starvation of millions on a daily basis, something man made that actually does not have to occur. So is for example abusing animals to eat foie gras, so is sweatshop work that has people wanting to commit suicide … I can give many examples. But it is not as exciting as this storm. It is like oil spills happening every day in Nigeria, yet no one knows about it, but everyone knew about the gulf of Mexico oil spill by BP. As the article states: “it is no longer news”. It is only, as long as it is exciting.

And that is quite disturbing.

Help us reach out to the world, help us create a necessary change for the better of all mankind (including animals and our environment). Http://


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself only to care when an event in this world is covered heavily by the media – where I will post about it and write about it, and care about it more than I do about the every day continuous suffering within this world. Where millions of people and animals live in situations of suffering and abuse, often totally preventable, if we would change our economic system.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think that I am to small to change anything, and that I can’t change the economic system because I am just one person – within this I do not realize that I in fact am part of the groups “humans” who accept this system the way it is and who without this, the system would not even exist. So I am in fact contributing each day to this system, I am one of the many parts which makes it able to function the way it does. So if all parts, or at leas a majority, would activly stand for a change, then we could actually create a change. Starting with ourselves and realizing my own responsibility.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to care less about poor people who suffer from natural disasters, than when richer or middle class people suffer from it. Not realizing that I have become blind and deaf for the struggling because it makes me feel better about my own life, because it feels better to ignore it, because it feels better to think it can’t be another way, because I am controlled by the media, because I am programmed to think they are less important. Even when I say that I find them equally as important, my actions and my intrests show me  in fact that this is not true. Because if I would truly care as much, I would live my life in order to stop this world system that creates abuse over and over again, and I would care as much from people suffering in another part of the world, than about suffering of those in my neighborhood. And I would not let my feelings decide who to care about, but I decide as myself that all beings are equal in worth.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to seperate myself from other beings, and in that way not realizing that in their place I would want to be helped and cared about. If I was a sweatshop worker, starving, abused… I would not want the world to turn its back on me or to stigmatize me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself a media that ignores people suffering from hurricane sandy in hait, yet spamming messages and videos in large amounts when it is about New York.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself a system where the poor and struggling are ignored and stereotyped, not helped, and often even further exploited

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Day 45 – Never Skinny Enough, Never Curvy Enough

Day 45 – Never Skinny Enough, Never Curvy Enough

Here are some Vintage weight gain adds.



Although I found a contradicting one aswell!







Now compare this to modern day advertisement



Today it is all about being thin and losing weight. In the old commercials, the stick thin figure would be considered “non sexy”, but today it is something many girls strive for. This shows how easily our beauty ideal is shaped by what is shown to us within our culture or through the media. How our entire body image is determined by the judgements of others.

The woman in the vintage adds are not fat either, I would consider them “normal”. However, it is still all about “curves”. But some woman, simply can’t gain weight in the places to make them look hourglass. Some woman only gain weight to their stomach area , some only their thighs and ass while their boobs remain tiny. So there is nothing you can do about that fat distribution, since it is genetic. The only option would be plastic surgery. Do you realize how many skinny models have boob jobs? Let me tell you: A LOT! Because it is almost impossible to have big breasts while being skinny. There are some exceptions, but for the majority this is simply not possible.

But seriously, for who or what would you do it? The approval of others? If those others only appreciate and care for you when you look like that, your better off without them.

The vintage adds are also way more blunt. I can’t imagine anyone writing on the cover of a magazine: “If you want to be popular, you can’t afford to be FAT! Fat girls are not glamourous girls! They have no sex appeal.” I think that wouldn’t go down all to well with the public. Although it is what many people think, it is just more hidden. That doesn’t make it any less nasty though. Because it is about who you are, your judgements and your thoughts. It shows you the kind of person you are and allow yourself to be.

They are also making shitloads of money from this. Weight loss pills, diets, supplements, magazines, low carb food, low fat food, fitness material in all kinds of shapes and colors … And clothing, to show of your new figure to boost your ego.

By now it is already clear how easily shaped we are by the media. I am sure that if they would start to show normal sized girls more, and praise it, especially men, then more and more woman would start to want to be like that. It would take time thought, in the current generation. Sadly, we would still be judging ourselves in the exact same way, based on what others tell us is “good” and “pretty” and “sexy” and what will make us popular and how we can get men to find us attractive. Your life, revolving around opinions of people who don’t actually really care about you as a living being… that’s sad.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge myself as good enough or not, based on being the “right” figure – “right” according to the standards of my culture and what I hear others praise

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge myself as pretty based on others opinions about my body

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be determined by others opinions about myself

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to depend  my mood on wether others find me attractive or not – where I feel bad when I think I am ugly, and where I feel good when I get compliments or positive attention based no my appearance

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be a slave to the beauty standards of our culture

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to buy shitloads of stuff to try and fit into the images that culture projects to me, as what I SHOULD look like

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think that being pretty is important

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to value myself more when I am pretty

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge the body that gives me life

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize how enslaved I am to the cultural standards we have created and allow

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself tojudge other people based on their size

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to try and eat a certain way to fit into a beauty ideal instead of doing it for the health of my body regardless of the effects on weight or curves

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feel bad because when I gain weight, I only gain weight on my belly and not on my ass or breasts

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feel bad because when I gain weight, I only gain weight on my hips which makes me look like a pear

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to desire to gain weight in the hourglass shape, so that I can show off my figure and get energy from others admiration

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be like an emotional vampire, sucking energy from others praise

I commit myself to expose the insanity of this, to expose our culture that is driven by profit and shapes human beings to be slaves to consumer models, and be blind for what they are actually doing.
I commit myself to stop this system of exploitation which treats humans as objects to profit from, without valuing life
I commit myself to do what is healthy for my body and stop obsessing about my curves, or my weight.

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Day 44 – Pay them millions for chasing balls!

Day 44 – Pay them millions for chasing balls!

Football, chasing a ball to try and kick it in a net. Some competition hear, some emotional outburst there… it’s all part of the game including hooliganism, soccer fan gear, and fans spending shitloads of money on it.

David Beckham took home 13.3 million British pounds from sponsorship deals last year. Tha fak! He earned more than £36,000 a day endorsing brands such as Adidas, Armani, Samsun and Diet coke during 2011.

Poor guy, you have to understand he only has a multi-million-dollar mansion, more than 10 cars, closets of clothing and beauty articles, a pool and some other of those little things. Why? Because he is good at defeating other people in a game where high competitive males go chase a ball and try to kick it in the opponents net. And people go and watch that happening, cheering on their “favorite” for whatever reason it is their favorite, sometimes getting in fights and drinking a lot of alcohol to make themselves even more dumbed down.

I am thinking of starting up a help fund for David. I mean what will happen if those millions run out? Who is going to feed his staring children! (tear rolling down cheek)

Seriously thought, what on Earth are we thinking, paying people millions to compete against each other. Sponsors jumping on it to try and grow their profit. And people so blind to just go with it. Every sane person should see this insanity for what it is.

We got actual starving children here in this world, for crying out loud. I mean this may not make you feel good or bad, or anything. Most likely your reading this feeling neutral, which is understandable because it is not close to us. But it does not give us the right to ignore it, and to accept this insanity. Our feelings are not the guiding stick for when we should or shouldn’t act. Your brain and reasoning skills functions regardless of what you feel. Starving children, people treated like slaves working up to 18 hours a day JUST to be able to feed themselves, forced prostitution… of course in this profit driven system the big corporation and sponsors don’t give a shit about that do they. They rather sponsor people like David Beckham so that they can make more money.

The inequality in this is so big that I can’t even find the appropriate terms for it. And the fact that some people still defend it because they have an interest in it, or it makes them feel good, is even more enraging.

How long can we keep up with this vanity and superficialness. Entertain the masses and everything is alright? Yeah, if that is what you allow. But do we really want to remain dumb and oblivious for the world and the kind of system we are actually allowing here? We could one day be in the place of those suffering, and I am sure you would object then. If your child would suddenly be transported to a starving country, I am sure you would move heaven and earth to get him or her back, wouldn’t you. Kind of time to stop our genetic egoism.

Help work on the solution, join us at


At least 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day.

More than 80 percent of the world’s population lives in countries where income differentials are widening.

The poorest 40 percent of the world’s population accounts for 5 percent of global income. The richest 20 percent accounts for three-quarters of world income.



According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day due to poverty. And they “die quietly in some of the poorest villages on earth, far removed from the scrutiny and the conscience of the world. Being meek and weak in life makes these dying multitudes even more invisible in death.”

Less than one per cent of what the world spent every year on weapons was needed to put every child into school by the year 2000 and yet it didn’t happen.

etc…. see link” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>



I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed a system where some human beings are payed much more money , while others are left to starve to death
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed a system where the value you bring to actual physical reality, living together, society, does not equal your reward – because someone who competes in sports and is used by brands to sell there product, often earns MUCH more than a hard working man that works on the sewer or other jobs that our society really requires

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to spend a lot of money on fan gear of my favorite sportsman
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think that it is important to have fan gear from my favorite sportsman

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feel better when I own fangear of my favorite sportsman, as if this makes me better in some way, because else I wouldn’t feel so good about it

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to connect myself to the ones I root for, and feel strongly about, and ignore the many human beings that are suffering in this world, and actually deserve my attention much more, because they are in dire need of help

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to pre*-occupy my life with entertainment such as sports

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not really care about the abuse in this world, because I am entertained, and as long as I am entertained I feel good and live comfortable

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that the comfort and entertainment, is used by myself as a way to be inactive and non-caring  – where I dont realize how this is blinding me for reality, and how I am being moved instead of moving myself.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself tonot realize that I am a slave to my emotions, where I will even get emotional when “my team” loses, or misses a goal, and get exited when the other team loses and mine wins, as if one is better than the other and deserves to win more. In this I am supporting competition between human beings that play for ego and money.

I commit myself to stop this money system that blinds people through entertainment, to make profit, while ignoring and hiding the actual truth of reality, where many living beings suffer and are abused. In a capitalist system, poor are always needed because who else is there to capitalize on? That is what we have to realize. And stand for a new system that will actually value life and take all in consideration.

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Day 43 – ‘You have to be happy to be beautiful’ Part 1

Day 43 – ‘You have to be happy to be beautiful’ Part 1

Quoted from wealthy A-list actress and model Julia Roberts. she’s appeared in more than 40 movies, is reported to have earned up to $20 million for some of them. She is also the face (and part creator) of a new perfume called La vie est Belle (Lancôme) and many people consider her to be a pretty woman. And for that, she has her happy spirit to thank, she claims. Her  own happy state of mind is one of her beauty tips.

‘I think optimism and having a sense of humour definitely help, but happiness is something you cultivate. Once you find it, that’s the key to looking beautiful. That, Lancôme eye cream and kissing!’

Ofcourse she had to name a product with it as well. The cash gotta come from somewhere right? So by that note, it means that people struggling in this world, will have a hard time being beautiful. I think it is the least thing on their mind anyway. If you can barely make enough money to feed your children, your not gonna worry about being the hottest girl in town. Because the truth in this world is grim, and that is: that only the rich and elite thus can achieve this kind of “happy beauty”. Because money buys you happiness. Without enough money, you have no food, no home, no clean water, no nice toilet, no proper clothing etc… Still think you can be happy starving, cold and/or sick? Then I challenge you to challenge your illusion and live like that for let’s say… a month or so. Or maybe just a week or couple of days will be enough. My point is that we should make sure that all the worlds people have the opportunity to live a good life, where they can be happy and have their basic needs met and have the ability to expand on their interests. I mean forget the whole happy beauty thing, why would we want to live worrying about being beautiful all the time? It is pretty vain and empty, and will sooner or later have you crying over your older self.

In the gardens of the Rothschilds’ Villa Ephrussi, we’re led down a path with the sea sparkling on one side and serried ranks of irises (the scent’s prominent note) on the other. From a pergola hangs a huge crystal chandelier that delivers great drops of the new perfume. So similar is the scene to a Julia Roberts romcom that should Rupert Everett pop out from behind the topiary it would come as no surprise. As it is, polite party protocol is immediately abandoned as 300 guests get their wrists into the path of the descending fragrance globules.

Sounds great, but isn’t considering the context. That an elite can have such luxurious shows and parties, and that a majority suffers ,struggles to survives and even starves to death at times, is insanity. It is a deliberate created polarity within our economic system, that is as I said: deliberately created. We can spend thousands or more on luxury items, on our appearance, on our own ego… but when we are faced with the true reality of our economic system, we start to make all kinds of excuses. “it’s just the way it is and always will be” “I am to small to do anything about it” “just enjoy your life, its to short anyway” “it’s their own fault” “it’s not our problem” …. As if our economy is disconnected from the world economy and thus other (struggling) parties. It is not. And it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. On the one side we have people designing more and more stuff for those who already have a lot, and on the other side we have those struggling to survive, who are actually forgotten. Ofcourse they give to charity, but that is to feel better about their lifestyle, telling themselves that at least they are helping. It removes cognitive dissonance. But the fact is that charity is a band aid solution. Why do you think thousands of charities exist and that many problems keep rising? Because it is not really a cure! If we care about a true solution for this world, we will have to stop the CORE of the abuse. This means we will have to replace the profit driven economy, that creates so much exploitation and will never do what is good for all. It means a re-design of society towards a world that shows value to the children, that actually places the common good first instead of the individuals profit. Where all have an equal starting place, and not where one is born in starvation and another in complete luxury. It is extremely unfair today, and the only way we can fix it, is to fix it together and work on a substitute system.

La vie, currently, est belle for those who got money. But for those without, life is far from pretty.


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